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Danube Day 2011

Get active for the rivers!

Get active for the rivers! - That's the slogan chosen for this year's Danube Day on June 29 when, the organizers hope, some 81 million people in 14 countries will be coming together in celebration all along Europe's second-longest waterway. Danube Day is a celebration of a cleaner, safer river following with huge festivals on the banks of the rivers, alongside public meetings and educational events paying tribute to the Danube, its peoples and the progress that has been made.


It was launched seven years ago by the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR) to commemorate the Danube River Protection Convention signed in 1994 by 14 countries to ensure that the surface waters and groundwater within the Danube River basin are managed and used in a sustainable and equitable way.The Danube Day is celebrated each year to give homage to the vital role the Danube and its tributaries play in people's lives: providing water, food, power, recreation and livelihoods. Nearly 500 organisations worked together on Danube Day 2010, and this year's celebration should be the most significant yet. Three years ago, the ICDPR launched the Business Friends of the Danube, a partnership including numerous high-profile organisations such as Coca-Cola, the Austrian Ministry of Life and the ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation), aiming at ensuring high standards of operation by businesses in the region, and in developing and supporting joint activities that promote knowledge and involvement in providing efficient and sustainable sanitation and water conservation solutions. Since 2009, Borealis is part of this initiative to further its Water for the World programme.


Running a total of 2.870 km from the Black Forest to the Black Sea, the Danube is a crucial transportation route and source of drinking water, hydraulic power, employment and recreation.  “With our operations in Burghausen, Linz and Schwechat and our market leadership in Central Eastern European countries, Borealis has a strong presence in the Danube River basin. Being a Business Friends of the Danube is an important step in enhancing our contribution in preserving this region," says Sylvain Lhote, programme manager for Water for the World.



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