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Additional villages in Northern Pakistan provided with new water supply systems

In July 2010, the monsoon rains caused severe floods that in the mountain villages of Northern Pakistan and destroyed much of the infrastructure. Later that summer, Borouge supported Pakistan nongovernmental organisation (NGO) HEED to install new water supply systems to four villages in the Neelum valley region. In the summer of 2011, the partners agreed to provide new water systems to four more villages in the same region bringing the total number of people served to 5,200. In order to provide additional protection against possible point loads in the rocky soil, the high stress crack resistant (HSCR) PE100 grade from Borouge, BorSafe™ HE3490-LS-H was chosen to produce the pipes. In one system, the route had to cross a deep valley which would have taken a considerable amount of time, effort and materials to cross. Therefore in consultation with Borouge the HEED engineers developed an innovative insulated “cable pipe bridge” to span the valley.


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