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Successful pilo-test of European Water Stewardship standard in Borealis site

Beringen, Belgium, November 2011

Businesses play a key role when it comes to implememting sustainable water management practices in their operations.

Initiated by a European Water Partnership of industry leaders, non-governmental organisations and EU authorities, the European Water Stewardship standard was developed over a three-year period. This standard helps businesses to assess and certify the sustainability of the water management of their industrial or agricultural operations.

Borealis contributed the development of this standard with a pilot-test at its site in Beringen, Belgium. This pilot provided developers with practical feedback and guidance, and also demonstrated the applicability of the standard in polymer production. It also highlighted the high performance of the location's environmental management in a water-stressed area, where water efficiency and pollution prevention are essential. As a next step, Borealis will now implement the EWS in its Water Management System. Borealis was honoured for its support to the development of the new European Water Stewardship standard at the launch event in Brussels on November 24, 2011.

The pilot was part of Water for the World, a programme to develop and foster water knowledge and management best-practices.


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